About The Cause & Solution For A Garage Door That Doesn’t Open

Has your garage door stopped opening and you have no clue how to fix the problem? You may have an easily repaired problem with the sensors, or the door may simply be old and damaged. Find out below how a garage door can stop opening, as well as what a professional can do about it.

What Can Lead to a Garage Door Not Opening?

The only way for the sensors to work is for them to be able to communicate with each other, as there is one near the bottom of both sides of the garage door. They communicate by way of infrared beams that connect when the door is being opened or closed. If the there is dirt creating a blockage that prevents the beams from connecting, your door won't open. This is because malfunctioning sensor are unable to communicate with the motor to lift the door.

Your garage door can also stop opening if there is something wrong with it, such as having multiple dents. The dents can interfere with how the door is situated in the tracks. It is possible that the door is bent from someone accidentally hitting it at a high speed with their bike, or bumping into it with a car.

How Can a Professional Fix a Garage Door that Doesn't Open?

The first thing that a professional will do is inspect the garage door sensors. He or she will find out if the sensors should be replaced or cleaned. Cleaning the sensors should fix the problem if dirt is blocking the infrared beams. It is also possible that the sensors are only in need of being reset, which is necessary on occasion. Sensors must be reset if they stop the garage door due to something being under it. Unplugging the door for at least a minute and plugging it back up should reset the sensors.

If the garage door is bent or severely dented, you will need a new one. However, a professional may attempt trying to remove the dents by using commercial equipment. You are looking to spend at least $400 on a new garage door. However, the price can be higher depending on the size and type of door that is installed.

Don't leave your vehicle sitting outside and risk getting damaged if bad weather comes. Get help from a specialist (like General Door Services) so your garage door can open again!