Useful Repair Solutions For Noisy Garage Doors Around Residential Properties

It's typical for residential garage doors to make some noise, but when it becomes excessive, there could be a problem that needs to be addressed. Here are several solutions to noisy garage doors that you should take into consideration. Inspect the Rollers Probably the most common reason why your garage door will make noise is because of the rollers that go up the track. They can make a lot of noise if they aren't properly lubricated or have structural damage. Read More 

3 Major Steel Garage Door Repairs You Should Know

Does your garage door make loud noises enough to wake up people in the house? It is a sign that your door could soon get completely stuck from a major breakdown. Garage doors are heavy objects moved by a sophisticated series of pulleys and winches. Hundreds of up and down movements inevitably lead to wear and tear of various parts. Metallic doors can also have rust and corrosion problems when their protective cover is compromised. Read More