Useful Repair Solutions For Noisy Garage Doors Around Residential Properties

It's typical for residential garage doors to make some noise, but when it becomes excessive, there could be a problem that needs to be addressed. Here are several solutions to noisy garage doors that you should take into consideration.

Inspect the Rollers

Probably the most common reason why your garage door will make noise is because of the rollers that go up the track. They can make a lot of noise if they aren't properly lubricated or have structural damage. 

You'll want to inspect these components first before troubleshooting other potential issues. Inspect their condition when they're stationary, seeing if there are any cracks or missing pieces that need to be addressed with a roller replacement. If they're structurally sound, you may just need to apply more lubricant on them and inside the track. Then you can activate the garage door to see if that did the trick.

Tighten Loose Nuts and Bolts

There are some important nuts and bolts on your garage door that hold various components. After you've used the garage door repeatedly over the years, these fasteners will start to come loose. It can be enough to cause the garage door to make noise.

Fortunately, fixing this issue won't require a lot of specialty tools or in-depth inspections. You can just go around touching these fasteners to see if they've come loose or not. If so, you'll want to tighten them just enough to keep them in place. 

Adjust the Torsion Springs

One of the more involved repair solutions to a noisy garage door is adjusting the torsion springs. They may be out of alignment and thus making a popping sound each time your garage door is used. You can safely deal with this issue by hiring a garage door repair technician.

They can adjust the torsion springs in a controlled manner, helping your garage door work a lot smoother going forward. That should take care of the noise as well as keep your garage door and its components in better condition for the future. 

Garage doors may eventually start making a bunch of noise. If it's a noise that you haven't heard before, it's best to respond by inspecting relevant parts and systems. Then you can do a good job at finding the potential issue and solving it well before your garage door takes a lot of damage. That should keep necessary repair costs in a manageable range.