3 Major Steel Garage Door Repairs You Should Know

Does your garage door make loud noises enough to wake up people in the house? It is a sign that your door could soon get completely stuck from a major breakdown. Garage doors are heavy objects moved by a sophisticated series of pulleys and winches. Hundreds of up and down movements inevitably lead to wear and tear of various parts. Metallic doors can also have rust and corrosion problems when their protective cover is compromised. What steel garage door repairs can you expect in the lifespan of your garage doors?

1. Broken Springs and Cables 

A garage door typically weighs several hundred pounds. Heavy-duty springs and cables control the safe movement of this weight so that it does not crush people or pets. Extension springs rub along the side of the garage door, while torsion springs are at the top of the door. Cables attach to the door to move the door up and down. 

Springs can become weak and eventually break. You will hear a loud snapping noise when these springs break because of the high tension they carry. Steel cables also fray or snap suddenly. When the break is on one side, you will see a door hanging on that side. When both springs break, the door doesn't move. Call a garage door repair service to fix this problem because it is too technical for DIY repair. 

2. The Door Comes Off the Tracks 

Tracks and grooves guide garage door up and down movement. They are mounted on the walls beside the doors. There are also rollers to lighten the load and make the movement smooth. Lack of lubrication and general wear and tear breaks the rollers, and sometimes they fall off. A hard knock on the door can also warp the tracks, making the door come off. Also, misaligned tracks make it hard to move the door past the warped section. You need a garage door repairs technician to replace rollers and align the track again. 

3. Rust and Dents 

A metallic garage door will develop dents, dings, and scratches over the years. Scratching off the paint exposes the surface underneath rusting and corrosion. An unkempt steel door becomes unsightly with peeling paint and rusted patches. It is advisable to have a garage door repairs technician inspect a steel garage door at least once a year. This preventative maintenance helps identify small faults before they become serious repair jobs. It saves you money and the inconvenience of a stuck door.

Is your steel garage door in need of repairs and maintenance? Book an appointment with services like Optimal Garage Doors to address the problem.