Securing The Windows In Your Garage Door

Authorities in Edmonton estimate that there are an average of eight home invasions each month. Many would-be burglars gain entry to a property through the garage door, and windows can provide an easy access point into your home.

If your garage door features windows, here are three simple things you can do to secure these windows against home invasions in the future.

1. Add privacy film to your garage door windows.

Windows in a garage door provide criminals with a simple way to view the items you house inside your garage. If valuable items are easily spotted, your home could be targeted for a home invasion. Doing something as simple as preventing would-be criminals from viewing your belongings can help reduce your chances of being victimized.

If a thief can't see whether or not you have items that would make the risk of a home invasion worthwhile, he or she may be less likely to attempt a break-in. Adding privacy film to your garage door windows will help you make your property more secure in the future.

2. Install security bars on your garage door windows.

Breaking a garage door window can be a simple way to gain entry to your property. By taking the time to install some security bars on your garage windows, you make it impossible for a thief to climb through a broken window.

Using some pieces of half-inch steel pipe, screws, and washers, you can easily create an impenetrable barrier behind your garage door windows. Have your local hardware store pre-cut some lengths of steel pipe, then install these pipes along the interior side of your garage door behind any existing windows to provide your home with maximum security.

3. Consider installing shatter-proof glass panes in your garage door windows.

The type of glass used in your garage door windows can play a role in deterring potential criminals from trying to access your property. Installing panes of shatter-proof glass can make it difficult for a thief to break into your garage.

Since the glass panes will not shatter on contact, it's likely that a thief will search out a more accessible home to burglarize. Shatter-proof glass panes make the perfect addition to your garage security plan.

Keeping your home safe from invasion can be as simple as taking the time to secure your garage door windows. Applying privacy film, installing security bars, and adding shatter-proof glass are all simple solutions to help you secure your garage door windows in the future. Professionals like Pivotech Doors Inc can help.