How Do You Know When Your Garage Door Needs To Be Replaced?

In most homes, the garage door is used daily since it is where the vehicles are parked. A bit of close observation can go a long way if you notice something just doesn't look right with your garage door or how it is operating. The question is – how do you know when it is time to have your garage door replaced?

The Door Won't Open or Close

Check the connection between the control panel and the door. You could have an obstruction causing the problem. If you have frequent problems with the door breaking down, it could be time to have the door replaced.

Unpredictable Movement

Smooth operation is a factor you assume when the door is working correctly. However, if the door shakes or jerks, it could be time to get the door replaced.

Unusual Sounds

The older doors make more noise than newer types of garage doors. However, you may have a bad opener, spring, or any other issues which need replacement or adjustments. You know your garage door better than anyone else. Is it making a new or different noise then what it normally makes while operating? If so, you should consider getting it replaced – or at least having it looked at by an expert.

A Sagging Door

If you notice the garage door doesn't look balanced, you could have problems with the tension spring or other similar parts. You can disconnect the door opener and manually open the door. Lift the door up to see if it stays. If it doesn't stay, you probably need a professional to check the working parts.

The Home's Security is Jeopardized

If the door is falling apart or is in disrepair, your family could be at risk of a home invasion. A burglar will notice the home's security before he/she decides to enter and will also know whether you are home.

A Rise in the Power Bill

It is possible the door is losing its protective features, including keeping the garage's hot air or cold air outside. You should check the sealing joints and weather stripping to see if those items need replacement. There is no need to pay for unused resources.

The Door is an Antique

If your garage door is an eyesore in your neighborhood, it might be time to give it a needed facelift. Not only is the home's appearance ugly, but it also probably lacks some of the safety features offered by newer door systems.

These are just a few of the indications your home can use a new garage door. The safety of your family has to come first, but your property values will also increase when you have a new door installed. Go ahead--be the envy of the neighborhood and purchase a new door to complement your home's décor. Click here to learn more about garage door installation.