Reasons To Avoid Doing Your Own Garage Door Repair

Has your garage door stopped working, and have you decided that you are going to try to save money by fixing it yourself? You may want to rethink your decision. This is one job that you may want to leave to the garage door professionals for the following reasons.

You Could Injure Yourself When Performing This Type of Repair

The garage door uses springs that have a lot of tension on them, and they are connected to your garage door's torsion cable. It's designed so that the spring is capable of supporting the very heavy door when opening and closing it. With so much tension on that spring, it becomes a big safety hazard for anybody that is repairing a garage door. It's possible for you to become injured if the spring were to suddenly break due to the pressure it has on it, or if the garage door closes unexpectedly while you are performing a repair.

You Could Cause Damage To The Garage Door's Automatic Opener

Garage doors work due to a pulley system that is quite elaborate. If you manage to cause damage to the opener's belt drive by accident during a repair, you won't be able to easily fix this item. Damaging the belt drive can easily happen when a spring breaks, since there will be pressure put on this part due to a lack of support. It could cause you to replace the entire opening mechanism for a new one, which will make your attempt to save money result in a much more expensive repair instead.

You Could Be Unable To Put The Garage Door Back Together

Taking things apart can be easy, but keep in mind that there are many moving parts in a garage door. If there are pieces that have been damaged, it can cause difficulties trying to reassemble the door. For instance, your garage is on a foundation that may have settled since the garage door was installed, resulting in a door frame that is bent. This can cause big problems trying to put the unit back together and troubleshoot why the door isn't operating smoothly.

You Need To Purchase Tools You'll Only Use Once or Twice

Fixing your garage door does require some specialized tools to get the job done. This includes spring pullers to help get the spring back in place. The money you pay to acquire these tools may end up making the repair the same price as hiring a professional to do it for you. Skip dealing with the hassle, and leave the repairs to a professional that has the tools and the experience working with them.