3 Ways To Make Sure Your House Is Safe With An Automatic Garage Door

Having an automatic garage door can make your life much easier. It helps you avoid bad weather because you can pull your car right into your garage. However, that same door can make it easier for people to get into your house, compromising your safety. There are things that you can do to keep your house secure when you have an automatic garage door. 

Downsize the Remote

Fortunately, you can get smaller remotes for most garage door models. Those remotes can fit on your keychain instead of in your car. Keeping the remote on your keychain will make it harder for someone to break into your car and steal your remote. You can also get a keychain that separates out into two different parts, which will let you keep the remote with you if you need to give the keys to a valet or a repair technician.

Get a Deadbolt

Having a door from your garage into your house is convenient for you, but it's also convenient for anyone who manages to get into your garage. So, make sure that you have a deadbolt on that door, just as you have on your other entrance doors. In fact, you may also want to make sure that this door is a more reinforced door than your other entrance doors. Because the door is hidden in your garage, it can give anyone breaking in some extra time to get through your deadbolt or to damage the door so that they can get in. 

Clean Your Garage

It may not seem like keeping your garage clean will help keep your house more secure when you have an automatic garage door, but it will. That's because having a clean, organized, and well-lit garage will make it so that there isn't any space for anyone to hide. Plus, you can see if anyone who doesn't belong in your garage is in there. Besides, having a clean, organized garage will make it easier for you to get your car into the garage without damaging anything. 

Automatic garage doors make life easier. But you want to make sure that making your life easier doesn't mean that it's easier for someone who doesn't belong to get into your house. Follow these tips to stay safe when you have an automatic garage door. To get a new automatic garage door, talk to reliable companies like AAA Garage Door, Inc.