6 Critical Considerations To Go Over When Replacing Your Existing Garage Doors

If you need a set of garage doors that keep the elements from getting into your home and open and close conveniently, you have to know what types will best compliment your garage. Since they don't get replaced too often, your existing garage doors may be 20 or more years old but there have been many improvements made to garage door systems since that time. Consider these six features, factors and options so you can get the best overhead doors for your needs.

1. Insulation Quality - If you have a garage that is connected to your home you will want to purchase a new set of garage doors that have good insulation. Thin garage doors that rattle every time the wind blows will cause the lower floor of your home to feel drafty, and you could also have rain and snow getting inside of your garage. Ask the company installing your garage doors to show you the difference between well insulated garage doors and the minimally insulated variety.

2. Rust Resistance - Although your garage doors will likely be painted and sealed, rust is likely to appear after they have been exposed to wind and rain for a couple of years. Even if you choose a material such as steel for your overhead doors, corrosion can eventually become apparent. The good news is that most sets of garage doors can be painted over or even stripped, sanded and then re-painted to a remarkably new looking finish.

3. Installation and Garage Door Opener Options - Manual garage doors are less expensive to have professionally installed because there are no mechanical parts to be connected to the door and no electrical components to be checked. Of course, a manual garage door has to be locked, open and closed by hand. Choose automatic overhead doors for your garage will make the act of opening, closing and securing your garage less physically burdensome.

4. Curb Appeal - Your new garage door might help your home stand out if you choose a contrasting color. On the other hand, if you would rather live in a home that has a more demure look, garage doors in muted colors would be more up your alley.

5. Garage Door Warranty - Whatever type of garage doors you choose, consider the length of the warranty and also what kinds of repair issues your warranty is going to include. Standard warranties on garage doors often cover replacement, but you might have to pay to have the old door removed and a new one installed.

6. Usage Frequency - There are homeowners who go in and out of their garages frequently on a near daily basis and there are others with garages that are almost entirely used for storage. Although buying good quality garage doors should allow you to feel comfortable using them at will, you may have to think if the other members of your household are going to be as careful as you are. Using your overhead doors more often means that more stress is going to be put on the automatic garage door motor, and your garage door opener might need its batteries changed more often.

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