A Guide To Commercial Garage Doors

If you need to get people and inventory in and out of a warehouse or other commercial building, it pays to install heavy duty commercial garage doors. By making sure that you get top quality professional commercial garage door service, you'll ramp up your business logistics without a problem. Follow the guidelines explained and contact a commercial garage door contractor that can assist you. 

Call in a contractor to take measurements and sell you the best door 

Before shopping for commercial garage doors, you must bring in a contractor that can assess your building. Garage door professionals will take measurements inside and out and ensure that they are showing you a line of commercial garage doors that will fit your building. These doors can be custom built, but typically have a few size varieties – ranging from 8 x 8 feet to 14 x 14 feet. Professional commercial garage door contractors will show you their inventory of different brands and garage door materials. Contact the Better Business Bureau if you need further assurance that the contractor you're speaking to is credible. When you can trust the commercial garage door professional, you can ask them a series of questions and make sure that you get the ideal garage door installed.

Ask for price estimates from commercial garage door contractors

Take the time to get several price estimates so that you can save some money on the installation. Garage door installations can cost between approximately $813 and $1,043. Ask these professionals to show you estimates for different door styles. For instance, you might pay a different price for a wood door than you would an aluminum door. Make sure that you add your garage door to your insurance plan so that it has coverage against routine damage and wear. 

Make sure your door is safe

Commercial garage doors are heavy and cumbersome to lift without electrical assistance, so you need to keep it as safe as possible. Ensure that the door's safety features are intact. For instance, you will want to regularly test the reverse mechanism, and get in touch with a commercial garage door contractor when something amiss. Be sure that the door has an audible alarm when lifting and closing and keep all loading areas clear whenever the door is not in use. 

Contact some professionals that can sell you a door that you need and help you care for your current commercial garage doors.