Hardwood Is A Great Garage Panel Material

Replacing your garage panels is a home great upgrade that many people don't think about because they don't think of their garage doors as a style feature. Most homeowners invest in their windows and doors before they even think about updating the garage. However, you have to remember that the garage is a huge part of your overall style. It is such a large feature, and it is often very visible. So, when you replace your garage doors, you are making a big change to your overall style. There are a variety of great garage door materials, but this article explains why hardwood panels are still a great choice.

Synthetic Panels

Most garage doors are made out of synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass. These materials at popular among homeowners who want something that is low maintenance, affordable, and reliable. They are also lightweight so that they can be used with smaller, quieter motors. However, many people want to add hardwood panels because they want something that looks a little more stylish and matches with the wooden design elements outside of the rest of their house. For instance, you can have hardwood panels made out of the same species and with a similar stain finish as the wood trim on your exterior.

Hybrid Panels

Most hardwood panels actually have a synthetic panel underneath it, so they are essentially hybrid products. That is, the part of the panel that is actually attached to the garage frame and pulley is a synthetic material like vinyl. This makes it lightweight, yet sturdy. Only the outside layer of the panel is hardwood. The thin veneer of hardwood does add some extra weight to your panels, so you often need to use a slightly bigger motor.

But, homeowners love the look of hardwood panels because it is a natural material. Best of all, you can stain and paint your hardwood to customize it. This means homeowners can easily change their garage finish, making it popular for homeowners who like to always update their home style. The main drawback is that the wood is going to need some more attention over the years. You will need to refinish it to seal and protect the wood from moisture and sun fading.

Hardwood garage panels are certainly going to add some style and class to your home. They are a great upgrade from vinyl or fiberglass panels. For more information on residential garage doors, contact your local garage installation service today!