Garage Door Services For Homeowners

Fixing minor problems with a garage door can often be handled by a homeowner, but sometimes they prove the be more complicated than they seem. For instance, if a garage door opener stops functioning, resolving the problem is usually as simple as resetting the sensors. However, there are other things that can go wrong  that might not be easy for a homeowner to diagnose and repair. When a garage door stops working, it can prevent a homeowner from being able to use it. If you have been experiencing problems with your garage door and don't know how to resolve them, a garage door service like Shank Door can make repairs or install a new one.

Something is Wrong with the Motor

A garage door would be unable to move if there wasn't a motor attached to it. Basically, the motor is required because it is where power is obtained from, as well as what signals the sensors to allow the door to move. If a motor develops problems, it is possible that new parts are needed, as they can wear out over time. A garage door company can take the motor apart to inspect all of the important parts on your behalf. If the motor is damaged beyond simply repair parts, a professional can replace it with a new one. Tuning up or lubricating the motor are services that might be necessary as well.

Cables & Springs Are in Bad Shape

Damaged cables and springs are not parts of a garage door that a homeowner should attempt to repair on his or her own. The reason why such repairs is a dangerous job is because the springs and cables are under a substantial amount of pressure at all times. Garage doors are heavy, which is what causes the springs and cables to be under so much pressure. Basically, if you were to attempt repairing a badly tangled spring, it could snap at a high speed when you least expect it. You are better off by hiring a garage door technician to handle the springs and cables when they are in bad shape.

The Garage Door isn't Properly Aligned

If your garage door is crooked, a professional might be able to bend it back into shape. A misaligned door will not move properly. For instance, it could stall. If the door isn't bent, it could be the tracks that are not properly aligned. Tracks can usually be realigned, but in some cases a professional might determine that they need to be replaced. A badly bent door will likely need to be replaced with a new one a well.