Top Ways You Can Tell Your Garage Door Spring Needs Repair, Just By Looking At It

There are many different things that can go wrong with a garage door, including issues with the garage door spring. In some cases, there might be problems with your garage door that you can't easily detect, especially if you don't have experience with garage door repairs. However, if your garage door spring is broken or damaged, then you might even be able to tell that there is a problem simply by looking at your garage door. These are all possible signs that you can watch out for if you're wondering if your garage door needs a new spring.

You See Cables Dangling

There should be cables that are attached to your garage door spring. They are in place to wind up the spring. If they fail, then your garage door spring can be affected, since there won't be any torsion to help it operate. In this situation, you might actually see the cables dangling from your garage door spring. If you notice then, you should call a garage door repair professional.

Your Garage Door is Visibly Misaligned

There are a couple of misalignment issues that you can look for if you're wondering if your garage door spring needs repair. In some cases, you can look at the top portion of your garage door for clues. With some minor garage door spring issues, you might notice misalignment strictly at the top of your garage door. In other cases, the entire garage door might look like it is off-track or crooked. If you notice this, there is a good chance that the problem is related to a faulty garage door spring. However, you should also know that other issues could contribute to a visibly misaligned garage door, such as an issue with one of your garage door tracks.

There's a Crack Left When Your Garage Door is Closed

When your garage door is functioning like it's supposed to, it should close all the way, without there being a gap at the bottom. However, right now, you might notice that there is a crack left between the bottom of your garage door and the ground when you close the garage door. If this is the case, the reason why your garage door might not be closing properly could be because of the spring. In this situation, the garage door might sometimes close almost all the way but then lift back up, which is also a sign of a garage door spring issue.

If you are looking for garage door spring repair, contact a local repair service.