Things To Compare When Shopping For A New Garage Door

If you're shopping for a garage door, you'll probably want to take your time to look around. There are several types of doors, and since they can last many years, you'll want something you can be happy with. Here's a look at the different materials and styles you can choose from when shopping for your new door.

Garage Door Materials

Different materials give your door different looks. A classic door is usually white and made from metal. However, you could also choose a dark wood door or a door made of fiberglass or vinyl. Metal doors can be made from steel or aluminum.

Aluminum doors are popular because they're lightweight, but steel is thicker and heavier, so you may prefer it for improved home security. Wood doors are attractive, but they require the most care. Fiberglass is a good alternative to wood, but it may not tolerate exposure to full sun all day without discoloring.

Garage Door Styles

You can get a sectional door without windows, which is a popular option. If you want to let light in your garage, you might prefer a door that has windows along the side or the top of the door. Since you can have windows put in a number of places and even change the color of the door, you can create nearly any style you like, especially if you add handles and hinges to give the door a unique style.

Garage Door Operation

Garage doors can swing out and up or fold up in sections. This is an important consideration since a door that swings up takes more space to operate than a sectional door that rolls up. If your driveway is crowded, or if you want to park right next to the door, then a sectional door is a good choice.

You can also get a garage door that opens like barn doors rather than rolling up, or you can get a carriage-style door that looks like it opens like doors but functions like a typical door by rolling or swinging up.

You might also have an opinion about the type of garage door opener and springs for your door. Some opening mechanisms are louder than others, so if you sleep close to the garage, you may want a quiet door. You might need assistance from a salesperson to help you find the right door for your home and lifestyle.

Garage Door Insulation

Another option to consider is insulation. You may not want added insulation if you don't spend much time in your garage. If you like to work in your garage on hobbies or to exercise, you might like added insulation on the door to keep it warmer or cooler depending on the season.

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